Doxie Holiday – handmade dachshund ornaments

A couple years back I participated in Heather’s ornament exchange, as part of Handmade Christmas 2010.

I am SO glad I did. It was SO much fun, and completely pulled me out of my comfort zone of No Sewing.

I do not sew.

Well, I guess I do now. πŸ˜‰

I must have known I’d love this, because I signed up for the maximum of five. I make five ornaments, I get five in return. Then I told Heather (because I love her and because she organized this) that I would make one for her too. So, six.

What will I make, what will I make? What have I gotten myself into?

So, I’d give anyone who reads regularly or knows me, a HALF a guess as to what I would make.

Okay, onto the tutorial.

Gather your tools: Embroidery thread, sharp scissors, a needle, a chopstick.

Gather your material: Felt and stuffing.

Gather your inspiration: Dachshunds Basil, Jake and Elwood.

Basil !

Jake !

Elwood !

um, Elwood giving me the side eye.


ah… Β the inspiration is my favorite. πŸ˜€

Draw your shape, in this case, a dachshund. make a stencil. Ink an outline onto felt.

Cut out your template. You will use as a guide to cut out all doxies.

You need two pieces of felt for each dachshund.

Fold over a piece of felt, pin down template doxie, cut.

Cut two ears.

Now you are ready to start sewing! I used the blanket stitch:

Bring the threaded needle from the back of the fabricΒ through to the front at the desired distance from the edge – this determines the width of the stitch. I start from the inside the pieces of felt, so the knot doesn’t show.

To sew the first stitch, put the needle into the fabric from the front, the same distance from the edge as the thread came through in Step 1 and to the left. The distance between the two should remain consistent. When pulling needle / thread through, I stick my finger out to catch the loop before I pull all the way through.

Pass the needle through the loop and pull tight.

To sew the second stitch, put the needle through the back, at the same distance as the first, pull needle through to front, catching loop with finger and pass needle through loop. Pull tight. Repeat!

Then do the same stitching on each ear!

I actually stitched the ears first, then when I got to the top of each doxie head, I’d stitch the ears on as I went along… an ear for each side, flappable.

For these dachshund shapes, I began at the left of the belly, by the back leg, and sewed away from the belly all around the dachshund.

I take out the needle, but leave the thread in. After you stuff, you can keep sewing!

Ready to stuff!

Use very small amounts of stuffing at one time…

This is where the chopstick comes in.

Poke the stuffing into the leg, the tail if possible (the tail sticks up on its own), the head, front leg.

You need to hold the belly together to finish sewing…

Then sew a nose.

After the nose, stick the needle inside the head, poking out where you want the eye.

Sew an eye, poke through to the other side, sew another eye.

Well, Hello.

Hello Everyone!!

Next, pick another color of felt and cut a scarf.

Wrap around doxie, sew down in the middle, add a button. I used a silver charm on each one.

Using 1/8th inch satin ribbon, sew a hanger loop in the middle of the doxie back.

Completed Dachshund!

I made two for each recipient of the ornament exchange. I estimated they took about 2 1/4 hours each, and as I got into a groove, it was under 2 hours per pup.

I also made a few for a couple friends with dachshunds.

This one is custom:

I wish I had the time to make them for all the doxies I know!




  1. says

    that is so freaking cute!!! great work! i have made some catnip toys in the past but not with as much care because i knew they would be ripped. i’d love to make these.

  2. theTreadmilldiaries says

    Wow. You did such an amazing job with the ornaments. They’re too cute!
    I can manage basic projects with a sewing machine & by hand but nothing too elaborate.

  3. says

    you go girl! That’s great. I do actually sew. I grew up watching my mom sew – she’s unfreakingbelievable. Her mother was a seamstress. I don’t have a ton of patience though is my downfall. But I’ve made most of the curtains and pillows in our house.

  4. says

    Those are SO AWESOME! I can’t believe how long they take to make! I totally understand that you can’t make them for all the doxies you know because of this. That’s a commitment! Maybe I’ll attempt this project, but I’m admittedly intimidated!

  5. assistantdoc says

    These are so freaking cute they made me cry! Well, maybe the crying was from being pregnant but these are adorable just the same! My mom has an Advent Calender for Christmas with similar felt figures and you pin them into the Christmas tree scene each day. We are missing two figures so I think, after watching this, I will make them! Thank you sista friend!

  6. spabettie mom says

    These doxies turned out just adorable!!!I am so proud
    of you!! For not knowing how to sew….you did a terrific
    job and I know you had fun watching them take shape…
    ..great tutorial….Love ya….

    • says

      Mom, I LOVE YOU !! I SO could not have done this without you !!

      <3 <3 <3 XXOXO !

      Jason and I had SUCH a fun time yesterday, can't wait to see you again in a few !

  7. says

    KRIS! I am so impressed and think these are the most adorable ornaments I’ve ever seen. I loved reading this post – Elwood’s side eye. Haha! And flappable ears. I bet you never thought you’d use that phrase on your blog. You could start an Etsy shop with these little guys. :) xoxo

  8. says

    This is super duper cute! I don’t have a pet, but this would be so great as a gift to someone who does :) Happy Holidays, and yes, I used to sew, stitch, name it πŸ˜€

  9. says

    girlfriend! These are the cutest things ever!! I’m terrible at sewing, in fact, my husband is better at it than me. shameful. I’d love to make one of these as a Yorkie for my little Taxi :) I may not be able to sew, but I like glue πŸ˜‰

  10. says

    These are adorable! I don’t really sew but I would love to make some of these ornaments! I too have a doxie and would love to adorn my tree with these :)

  11. says

    I love these sooo much! You should sell them, cause I bet you the doxie lovers of the world would buy them! I would! Plus, I love your photos of your dogs…Molly gives me the “side eye” quite often :/

  12. says

    Ok, so I totally raved about these on Twitter, but didn’t leave a comment!! I absolutely freaking LOVE these with all of my heart!! They are so cute and so creative!

    I sew some. I used to sew a lot when I was younger – my cousin and I (7 months apart, grew up like sisters) took sewing classes together. I made all my clothes in 7th grade. Now I’m not so confident, though. I sew aprons and sell them on Etsy. Also I sewed felted stockings for me and J. His is a dino claw and mine is a ballet slipper! hehe

  13. says

    Hi just stumbled upon your website… Just love the Christmas ornaments. Might just be a few adorning our tree this year! Will send you photos if we manage to get round to it!
    The Down Under Long Dogs
    Evie, Quincy, Podge & Meah (who is not a Dachshund, but eats like one) and the Slave Libbie

    • spabettie says

      hello Libbie, Evie, Quincy, Podge and Meah!! :) Basil sends *wag wag wags* too. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, and if you do make the ornaments PLEASE share photos! πŸ˜€ they are really fun to make.

      I have added you to my dachshund page –> DOXIES πŸ˜€ Cheers!

  14. sharon goldman says

    These are so cute! I hope to make some this year for my friend who has 4 Doxie rescues ! ….and if I get even more creative I will make some out of “organic” material in the shape of an Italian Greyhound for my daughter-in-law..your tutorial makes this look easy…I hope I can do it :-)

  15. says

    Wow, these are great. It’s March, but it takes me a long time to project. I have a dachshund/beagle (Teddy) and a corgi (Buddy). It would be so easy to do both of their shapes. Excellent idea!

    • spabettie says

      you are smart to get started now!! :) these are not difficult, but they DO take some time, for sure. Teddy and Buddy definitely fit the Long Dog shape – let me know how they turn out, maybe send a photo if you can? Cheers!

  16. Lacey says

    Thank you SO much for this lovely tutorial! I have three dachshunds so I guess you can figure out how many of these I will be making this year!

  17. Cathy D says

    Hiya~I came to your blog for a cupcake recipe and, being a dachshund lover, latched on to this post immediately…even before reading the cupcake recipe! I love this tut and will be pinning it to my Doxies! board on Pinterest. What a surprise and complete blessing this has turned out to be. :) Thanks for this!

    P.S. You may want to come have a gander at my board, Please visit my Doxies! board…You might just find something you like! Going to finish ogling your blog now. :)

    • Susan Miller says

      Oooohhhh! I just love this. I saw this on Pinterest as I follow Cathy Ds boards and I have got to make one, but in black for my 7-year-old Wonder Weiner – A. J (Astro-Jr). Might have to put a little cape on him too.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      hi Cathy!! so happy you found these, I sure had fun making them!

      I LOVE your doxie page on pinterest… the dog sitting up – my childhood doxie (Hansel) did that, so cute! and the socks as new doxie puppy sweater tubes, we have done that too! :)

      Cheers – hugs to a fellow Long Dog fan!

  18. Cathy D says

    Thanks Kristina~Do you pinterest? Do you have a doxie board there? I want to make sure I follow it if you do.

    Little Long Dogs Unite!! lol

  19. Cathy D says

    Gah! I soooo have ADD…lol I wanted to say (before my mind so rudely distracted me), that I plan on making a mobile for our new little grandbaby due in January, and I’m going to use doxies following your tutorial. I think it’ll be adorable!

    Cathy D.

  20. Aubrey says

    I have a red dachshund myself, and its so funny because when he looks at us sideways we say “Oh, he’s giving us the side eye!” His name is chocolate love nugget. Mostly we just call him nugget. I love your dachshund ornaments. I’m a dog groomer and I’m going to start making them now to give to my clients as gifts for next year. I might make big ones out of fleece for their pups to use as toys.

    • Kristina Sloggett says

      hi Aubrey!

      aren’t dachshunds the best? and they are so good at giving the side eye!

      I love that you will be making these for your clients – they will LOVE them! and bigger versions for doggies? perfect! (mine would just rip it apart, however…) :)

      Basil and Rosemary send wags,


  21. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial! I will feature it on Pinterst too at my Dachshund Madness page. This is the cutest felt ornament of a doxie, yet! Good job tuting, too :)

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