Thomas Keller’s Bouchon

Thomas Keller once said he opened Bouchon so he would have
“a place to eat after cooking at French Laundry all day”.

Our last night in Vegas, we had reservations at Bouchon.

We arrived early and had a cocktail in the beautiful bar.

Seated at our table, we began with a glass of wine while reading the menu.

Wine and pistachios.

and warm fresh bread.

We both chose specials that were not on the menu. I asked if Joseph, our fabulous server, if he would write them down for me. He took my menu. Brought it back with the specials written in, and signed. 😀

My choice was Maine Scallops, Abalone Mushrooms, Salsify with Lobster Royale and Black Pepper Gastrique.

This was perfect. Amazing. A bite of the scallop with the Lobster Royale… oh my.

Jason chose the Pan Seared Top Sirloin with Glazed Broccolini, Yukon Gold Rosti, Crispy Onion Rings and Sauce Béarnaise.

This was delicious – and I love that Jason loved the broccolini! 😀

We must have chosen a good wine, as well. The sommelier came to our table to talk about our Coudoulet de Beaucastel Cote du Rhone 2007. It was fabulous, and paired well with our choices, Jason’s especially.

We saved room for this:

Can you see the way I took the photo… guess what we ordered…

An espresso for each. Sorry, Billy, no pre-dessert cocktail this time! 😉

Dessert was Mousse au Chocolat Noir.

Words cannot describe. It was rich. It was chocolatey. It was fabulously delicious. Perfect.

Our entire experience was. Thank You, Joseph, for being so helpful and accommodating.
You helped to make our experience a perfect one.

I cannot wait to return!

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  1. says

    Why do we have to live on the other side of the country from each other? We have so much in common! Fine dining and GOOD food? Yes, please.
    Drool-worthy photos!

  2. says

    LOL – love the Billy shout out. He’ll forgive you…this once, anyway. :) So long as we all have a cocktail before dessert whenever we do get the chance to dine together. :)

    Sounds like an absolutely perfect meal and wonderful way to end your great trip to Vegas.

    • says

      thank you for this article ! I just read it, How Wonderful ! …makes me want to go even more… and to Ad Hoc as well. we almost bought the Ad Hoc cookbook, but it is HUGE and we never check luggage… it is on our list now that we are home 😀

      I love the “shake out” at the end of the shift…

  3. says

    when you return, can I come? haha. I would love to try those scallops. Or just about anything considering the pictures you’ve posted are exquisite!

  4. eatmovewrite says

    Great service makes a meal even better. I know Bouchon. I actually organized an event there once for the company I used to work for. The whole atmosphere is… decadent. I know that’s a weird word for a place, but it’s true!

  5. Alice G says

    we visited Bouchon in Vegas last year and enjoyed ourselves. I really like to read your restaurant reviews!

  6. Patty Mercade says

    our favorite place to eat, in Vegas AND in Napa. haven’t tried the others, but will soon! thanks for allowing us to relive our own tasty memories!

    • spabettie says

      always a great atmosphere! Jason and I inevitably end up in conversation with our neighbors, which is always fun, especially there!

  7. Mike says

    we travel from Germany time to time, and always try to get to a TK establishment for a change of pace. very well done, love your write-up!

  8. Kila says

    my first time was last night, later this week (on vaca) we are trying adhoc also. loverly dinner tonight, very crowded and food good!

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