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Jason and I have many quirky similarities.

We both love fine pens, and both have pen collections.

When we met years ago, we had the same favorite pizza – mushroom and pineapple.

We are both picky about toothpaste.

We both love old bookstores, and what an old book smells like.

In Las Vegas last week, we spent a very interesting and really great three hours at Bauman Rare Books. We were in Heaven.

Wow. Extremely old, super impressive, and very expensive.

We wandered around for a bit, and when he must have realized we were very interested folk and not “oops, we stumbled into some kind of book museum” folk, Eric approached us. We took the next 90 minutes of his time, and and some very interesting conversation! I am jealous of his job!

Jason had a question about Hamilton’s Federalist Papers, and Eric took us into the library and showed us the paper. It is amazing – an essay from 1788, the size of a newspaper. $32,000. An interesting conversation came with our viewing.

I don’t know how Eric picked up on this, but he somehow knew to bring me this:

In high school I was super interested in all things Ginsberg, Kerouac, Kesey.  I asked if he’d mind me taking a few photos, as I couldn’t justify the $2500 price tag (could I?).

Jello Biafra! He is many, many things, but will always be, to me, the awesomeness of the Dead Kennedys.

A GREAT photo of Ken Kesey:

If a movie of Ken Kesey was made, Philip Seymour Hoffman would be the best choice to play him. Right?

My favorite actor… who really deserves his own post.

Then? I asked him about cookbooks.

ah, MFK Fisher! :) I am currently reading through all of the books the fabulous Ruth Reichl, and I would love this book. Again, a bit out of my price range as a well preserved First Edition.

Even though this cookbook was entirely in Italian…

I wanted it still.

I could totally make these recipes.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, Philadelphia, or New York and you find yourself a book lover, get yourself to a Bauman Rare Book shop. It is time well spent.

What is your favorite book?

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