We have a long – standing  joke with our friends in Austin. We travel there each spring for SXSW, and have a great week with our many friends who live there. One evening many years ago, we were watching my favorite band and drinking crazy cocktails out of beakers and test tubes, and I sang through a megaphone until a friend confiscated it (then forgot where he hid it). The next morning, I declared that while I felt like I failed SXSW, I totally WON that night. :)

It has turned into something we say a lot. Each year, a specific night or a person will win SXSW.

Last week Jason and I went to dinner at my favorite restaurant,
Ten 01. You may recall – we went there for Jason’s birthday earlier this summer.

This time, when ordering our dessert, Jason said he wanted the sorbet trio. I ordered the peanut butter bread pudding. Our server immediately said to me “You win dessert”.

Huzzah! :) We laughed about that for the rest of the night…

I am still feeling weird about bringing my big DSLR into a restaurant, especially a nice one like Ten 01. I snuck photos with Jason’s phone camera, but none of them really turned out very good. Dinner was exceptional, as always. Everything always tastes amazing.

I will instead share with you the lunch we had this weekend at our neighborhood place where we are known regulars, McMenamins Pub. There are many in the area, and we love the one close to our house.

This time we sat outside on their patio, and brought Basil along. Although he barked more than once, our server loved him and brought him a dish of water and a couple pieces of bacon.

IPA for Jason.

Grey Goose and soda for me.

Jason ordered the Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap:

McMenamins tops their house salad with pickled onions – so yum.

I loved my Spicy Salmon Caesar Salad:

The dressing on this was a caesar smoky chipotle mix – it was amazing.

Lunch was perfect, I was starved!

We had spent the morning in the Skyline Neighborhood – walking through the Street of Dreams homes. Each summer there is a Portland neighborhood with newly – built homes open for viewing.

(Before traditional college I went to art school and worked at a paint store. Through this job I was able to be a designers helper for the Street of Dreams that year – so fun!).

While the houses are almost all in that out of reach price range ($800,000 to $1.3 this year), it is fun to see the beautiful decor and find design inspiration… and dream! :)

I brought my camera, but only took a couple photos of some interesting collections.

These made me think of my dad, who has his own old radio collection:

My dad would love these.

…and these…

He probably has some of these!

In other news, it snowed today in Central Oregon! :) August 30!

I used to live at Sunriver Resort, and I recall skiing Mt. Bachelor in July, but that was half day with leftover winter snow… and it was a little weird. :)

Do you have any collections?

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Also, these videos made me smile today… go look at them if you need to smile… :) *Thanks Aimee* !!

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