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by Kristina Sloggett

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Sunday morning we woke up early and went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This place is amazing. They have an exhibit called Passages of the Deep – and it is an almost 360 degree underwater view as you walk through acrylic tubes:

This is also the area where Free Willy used to live! :)

There are rays, all kinds of fish (reef cod, halibut), and sharks.

This dude swam right by me, giving me side eye the whole time…

This one swam across the top, right above me.

We were there the one day a year the local diving club gets to come in – I talked to this guy’s wife walking through the tube:

More overhead swimmin’


Jason wouldn’t touch these.

He has never seen them, and is skeptical.

Have you ever seen an anemone?

How about a King Crab?

Honestly? I have only seen the legs before… please don’t let these two know that:

This is a world – class attraction. State of the art – I was super impressed and it was extremely interesting. There were many things I didn’t take photos of – a whole aviary of birds. Pythons and boas. Alligators, turtles and pirañas. Pirañas look like toothless grumpy men. :)


We had an amazing dinner while in Newport, at Saffron Salmon. It is located at the west end of the pier, with a great view of the bay.

It was our anniversary. :)

Jason had the grilled salmon filet with wasabi cream, seasonal veggies and a potato galette. The salmon was perfect, and I need to recreate that wasabi cream…

I chose daily special, which was salmon over orzo with beets and goat cheese. It was as delicious as it is beautiful!

You may think I ordered this because it is pink. I really had no idea, but it’s pretty, no? :)

I would definitely return to Saffron Salmon and recommend it to anyone visiting Newport.

We had such a fun weekend. I want another one, right now…

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