frosty cakes and awesome recognition

There are some awesome people in this world, and in my very short time (three months and ten days!) I have “met” so many awesome inspiring ladies. A few of you recently have given me awards lately, and it really means a lot to be recognized. Those awesome inspiring ladies in those links above are just a mere few of SO many blogs I read, love, and am inspired by each day. There are some that make me laugh, and some that make me think. Each comment I receive on my little ol’ blog makes my heart sing, and I am energized by what the future holds, the exciting times ahead, and building of relationships. Sometimes I write with one of you in mind, sometimes many. I think of you in “real” life, when I’m not even blogging! :) Thank you ALL for the fabulousness I get to be a part of each day.

It has been warm and wonderful here. As a cool treat, I made Angela’s Frosty No Bake Cakes.

bananas, coconut butter… all kinds of goodness.

These are delicious! I made them in my silicone muffin cups and they pop right out of those!

(After some tasting; quality control, of course!)

Only a couple more days for my TEMPTING giveaway – go visit and get some entries in! :)
See you back here tomorrow, for what is probably The Best Thing I Have Ever Made, and Ever Eaten!


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    You are just the sweetest thing ever.

    I love when you comment on my blog because you are so witty :-) Well except for the comment about Jason’s identity theft which was HORRIBLE and not funny and I feel terrible that happened!!

    Besides that you are just lovely :-)

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    I had to laugh when I noticed the bite missing from the one cake in your last picture because that is totally something I would do!

  3. says

    Sorry for being late to the party! -strides in fashionably late only to realize there’s toilet paper attached to my shoe-

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! YOU are probably one of my favorite bloggers EVER, just so you know. <3 I really do hope to make it up to Portland before too long and then we can finally meet and hang out. 😀

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