One Year Ago Today

I remember checking my schedule remotely from home. I had no meetings / appointments of my own, and the spa was slow. There were no classes or events scheduled in my meeting rooms. Having the ability to work remotely via computer, I called in and said I was doing so.

About 4:pm, I was glad I did:

We were having a wind storm. It BROKE A TREE in our yard. That tree? Landed on the power lines and started to smoke.

I watched it for a while. When I saw FLAMES, I called in the Big Guns.

Portland’s Finest. Hello, boys. Can you fix this for me?

They christened our street with this:

and continued to watch THIS:

There were five fires in the tree at one point. The fire trucks stayed a while. They eventually came to my door and said it was not safe for them to do anything until the electric company turned off the power. The electric company was seriously busy, dealing with emergencies all over Portland, the wind storm aftermath. (Tree actively burning? Non emergency?) Okay. I was FLIPPIN. They instructed me to call 911 if “the situation suddenly takes a turn.” Fire in a tree? Wind?

You know? It actually didn’t take a turn. There was a police officer sitting in their car, there to watch our property. It made me feel better. At one point, the fire was HUGE. I think the officer called fire department back in…

I could not sleep. Finally, at 2:AM, the electric company turned up, to turn off the power.

The fire department stopped the fire, and within a few days time, the tree was cut back. As much as it could be. We have a river going through our property, that is part of the Fanno Creek system. The Friends of Fanno Creek keep property owners from doing much in the way of change or development, which is good, generally. In this case? It means a tree cannot be fully removed.

ah… well.


  1. says

    What a terrifying ordeal! I’m sure you’re very thankful that one year later you can look back on that experience and be relieved that nothing happened.

    And thanks for the blog props! I’m going to check out your other favorites and see if I can’t add a few to my Google Reader. XO, friend!

  2. says

    Oh my goodness – you are just the sweetest! Truly, I’m humbled to be included in a list of such awesome bloggers and so thankful that we found each other in the vastness of the internet. πŸ˜‰

    Your smart humor and your incredible recipes reeled me in and I love reading every single thing you post.

    And yes, I WILL come to Portland to visit you and swim with Basil and eat yummy food!

    Thank you, thank you!! xoxoxo

  3. says

    Thank you for the kind words and for passing it on back to me. I’m totally glowing right now. xD

    I love your blog, too! <3

    I can't remember what happened a year ago today, much less a month ago today. Oh! A month ago, I started this blog. πŸ˜€ Hah. A year ago, though? No idea.

    That fire looks intense, though. Yikes. o.o Glad everything turned out okay!

  4. says

    Wow, what a story. Thankfully everything worked out though and no one was hurt.

    A year ago life was really boring…..just going to the gym and working out. I really have no pics from last summer which is sad since it was a lame one. This one is already better fo sho!

  5. Lynn says

    Spabettie you are the firat blog I have ever subscribed to! SO thank you and keep ’em coming! I will check out the others too! :)

    (No word yet STILL! Grumble)

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