I thought they were supposed to be nocturnal…

After a busy morning running around, I am now enjoying a sunny afternoon at home with Basil. Some friends decided to stop by.

I thought these guys only came out at night? There was a Big Mama and these two cute babies. These guys were playing in the tree.

Big Mama took off up the river. I quickly changed to zoom lens and quietly went out on the deck.

They hadn’t seen me yet.

“Wait up… I’m followin’ you…”

“Wait, should we go back this way?”

“Hmm. I think we are being watched. Here, get behind me.”

Basil is giving me the side – eye now, since I wouldn’t let him out to play with those kids.

Maybe it’s because I’m making him rock his star sweater today? It was cold this morning…


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    When I was a camp counselor for the YMCA, I had to watch this video on forest safety. They told us that raccoons active during the day have rabies or something.

    Haha. I hated that job.

    • says

      YIKES. someone else told me that today also. how can those cute little guys have rabies?

      I suppose I was smart to not let Basil pay with them…

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    That sweater is adorable! πŸ˜€

    How neat, that you were able to snap so many shots of the raccoons! I thought they were nocturnal, only, too.

    Question — do you pronounce it “Bay-sil” or “Bah-sil” when referring to Basil? (He actually *looks* like a Bah-sil, which is why I ask. xD)

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    i have a squirrel friend at my house.
    i leave him the tops of strawberries and pieces of fruits and veggies and such all the time.
    He lives in a tree where the leaves and branches touch the top of my deck.
    sometimes i open the door to get to my deck, and he is standing in the corner just looking at me.
    everytime he freezes.
    apparently he doesnt realize that im the one leaving him food and therefore he does not need to be scared of me.
    maybe one day he will be my friend and chatter with me in the cool evening breeze, as the sun sets over the foothills of the Adirondacks in the distance.
    i call him willie.
    maybe he likes wine?

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    Yikes, I hope those raccoons are not rabid…that is what I was always told about raccoons that are out during the day. It’s a good think you are keeping Basil inside!

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    Hahaha! Basil is so cute :) Hudson doesn’t really like his sweater or winter coat too much. I think they look so cute when dressed up.

    These little dogs want to make friends with everyone. Hudson has a thing for birds and skunks!


    • spabettie says

      thanks! :) they’re fine if they stay on that side of the river… up in the tree. πŸ˜‰ the babies are super cute!

    • spabettie says

      haa, Barbara, I love that’s how you found this. I’ve been known to stumble dogs. sometimes even narrow the search, you know, to dachshunds. πŸ˜‰

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