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Breakfast! We were reunited with an old friend.

no – wait – I have been dreaming about these – but no… for breakfast we had:

No! This has bacon – must be where I got confused – but it wasn’t what we had today.  First Breakfast was:

*Cue choir of angels singing*

Chobani + 5 tablespoons hemp hearts:

So awesome. Serious energy.

Okay, so… my mom has done this several times lately… shown up at my house with… an avocado.

Five minutes later? We’re eating guacamole! It happens so fast I cannot tell you what she does – although I know it all came from my kitchen.

A bowl to put it in.

A fork to mash it with.

Lemon juice. Sea Salt. Pepper.


I left this photo unaltered, to show you that between my Beloved Old Lady Vitamix and my Jonathan Adler jar apothecary jar (which houses my protein powder, of all things!), there is the largest bottle of Tabasco one has ever seen. Jason loves it. This was a birthday gift.

Somehow I think that was all that went into the guacamole.

My mom makes The Best Guacamole. Ready For My Close – Up:

I made up a platter of veggies and created a different batch of my cashew dip.

I made it with what I had in the pantry. No almonds this time.

Vegan Cheesy Red Pepper Dip

1 1/2 cup raw cashews
1 1/2 cups roasted red peppers

3 tablespoons water
3 cloves garlic
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
3 leaves basil, chopped

Soak cashews in water overnight in fridge. Drain and add to processor with all ingredients. Blend to desired consistency.

*If you want cheese sauce, add 1/4 cup water to thin.

The veggies look so vibrant and healthy, don’t they?

…and that guac went fast! So did the cashew dip – I LOVE it. I want to put it in my wrap. A sandwich. It is so tasty.


#1) Do  you have a dish you make often, without a real recipe?

#2) Am I the only one around here obsessed with Jonathan Adler?

#3) Have you ever seen a Vitamix that old? sweet old lady… we’ve had many good years, and I know we’ll have many more…

** speaking of chobani…  Hillary is giving some away, y’all!! Go visit her awesome blog!


  1. says

    Wow, all of the food looks great. I love cashew dips and I often make a roasted red pepper one, it my favorite. In fact, I think everyone should make it and them smear it all over their significant other! TMI? :)

    • says

      BAA HAA HAA … I may have typed something like that … wrap… sandwich… and deleted.

      happy YOU said it for me 😉

      YES ! I want to try this with roasted pepper. …is the rest about the same?

  2. Lynn says

    Kristina, I feel in sync with you since we’ve met! I just got back from the store in which I bought lemons for guac, and as Im reading your bolg, Im eating Chobani (blueberry)!! I put some chia seeds and not hemp hearts on it, however 😉

    I made a quinoa “granola” once, pretty good but needs tweaking. Just use raw quinoa add some olive oil, a little bit of maple syrup (I didnt have any honey on hand) I added cinnamon and nutmeg, and some raw sunflower seeds. Spread on a baking sheet (I spread it too thin and it got brown too quick) at 350 degrees (maybe 325 would be better?) Bake for 10minutes or when you think its done. You can add dried friut at the end if you want.
    It was really good!!!

    • says

      oh ! :) I LOVE this! Thank you! :) :) This will sound weird, because you’re TOTALLY close, but I wish you were closer! Where you could, like, come over and play right now!! No hemp hearts for you, missy! Not until you’ve been hired! (any news…?) *thinking of you*

      I’ve never made granola. Quinoa granola sounds awesome. HEY! wanna do a Guest Post on my blog about it??? :)

      • Lynn says

        I know I wish we were closer for sure, like neighbors! :)

        Let me get the quinoa recipe down a little better and when I do I will totally guest blog!!
        No word still from hospital..starting to wonder….

  3. says

    I need a giant-sized Tabasco in my life! And Sriracha, too. I love the heat. I can eat guacamole by the spoonful. I’d say hummus and other bean dips are my go-to, no recipe dishes. I also make a mean 7-layer dip!

  4. says

    I love all things avocado, so I can see myself inhaling that guacamole. Yum. 😀

    I hardly ever use recipes for my own cooking…it’s whatever looks good, gets thrown in. I can’t always say I’m successful, though. >.>

    I can see myself stumbling around with that Tabasco bottle dangling from my finger, taking the random swig, and then hiccuping. xD

    • says

      BAAH HAA HAA… you’re funny. That’s an epic visual you’ve given… :)

      I like to do that too, make things up as I go, and yes… not always a success! Still fun tho.

  5. Cara says

    Ahhhh I’ve GOT to try your cashew dip!! I didn’t realize you were a fellow Portlander! (and no, I don’t call myself a “former” Portlander, even though I’m currently in VA…)

    • says

      aah… because you plan to be back… I know… 😉 Good to meet you, Cara… I’ve been reading you for a while, I love your blog!

      I visited Virginia once… I loved sitting on a covered porch – sitting in a rocker – during a HUGE lightning storm. I say lightning instead of thunder, to describe to west coast readers… yes, there’s thunder, but the lightning! WOW. Touches the ground! :)

      …I also remember – in the house I was a guest in – leaving items we recycle in Oregon … on the counter NEXT TO the garbage. I knew they’d end up there, but I could not do it. :) That was years ago… y’all recycle now. (right..?) :) !

      Virginia is beautiful, I loved my times there. :)

  6. says

    So…..if your mom is ever in Charlotte-send her my way please! I’ve never met a guacamole I didn’t like!

    And I thought the Pom Chobani was a myth–I cannot find it anywhere and would love to try it sometime. I am very interested in that bacon chocolate :)

  7. says

    You had me at Tabasco! 😀 I have the 12 ounce bottle at work and carry a small bottle in my purse – you never know when you’ll need it! 😀

  8. says

    Hahaha! You are too funny doll!

    I love your vita 😉 Guac is my fave and my mom makes the freaking best!

    This cashew dip looks amazing and I CAN NOT wait to try it! I think I might do that later tonight :)


  9. Belinda says

    addicted to your blog, thanks to Jason. Fun read, and now I’m inspired. But, where to buy hemp hearts in PDX?

    BTW those pretty blue flowers you photographed a few days back are called ‘nigella’ (latin name), also known as ‘love-in-a-mist’. The black seeds you get from the dried flower pods are used in middle eastern and Indian cooking.

  10. Crystal says

    I have a recipe that is similar to your red pepper cashew’s been in our family for a while so I have no clue where it came from. But it’s a great vegan cheese dip for chips and such.

    1 cup of water (could add less if you want really thick)
    4oz jar of drained pimentos (red peppers)
    1/2 cup raw cashews
    1/4 cup nutritional yeast
    1/4 cup oats
    1-2 tsp salt ( I prefer 1 since i’m not too fond of salt)
    1 tsp of onion powder

    There is a recipe that also uses 1tbsp lemon juice and 2 tbsp cornstarch but I don’t add this myself.

    Blend all ingredients very good in a food processor or blender then cook over medium heat to thicken.

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