voodoo lily !

Jason, Basil and I went for a walk around the property this afternoon.

sniffin' sniffin'


It was beautiful today, and I wanted to check the progress of our blueberry bushes.

They look like grape bunches:

There are SO many this year! :)

So exciting! I love watching food grow in our yard!!

Here I was waiting patiently (heh.) for summer in our unseasonably cold May… Β now? Summer is Most Definitely here, and we have tropical plants in our yard!

This amazingness is commonly called a Devil’s Tongue (our neighbor up the road is a Master Gardener, she told me!), but I like the name VooDoo Lily better. This photo of it reminds me of the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland:

Jason calls it our Little Shop of Horrors plant…

I love it. It stinks, though.

We wandered around and I took photos:

Can you spot the bird house?

I love these blue flowers and little pods – anyone know what they are?

We live next to a golf club. Thankfully folx don’t park their carts in our yard, though.

Little puffy clouds … brilliant blue sky!

Basil spotted another four legged friend up the street.

…and this? our doorbell !

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope the weekend was wonderful!


    • says

      thank you! and yeah, the Devils Tongue IS crazy… it’s really pretty and unique, and at the same time strange and prehistoric looking. it’s pretty BIG.

      I’ll probably continue taking photos of it… I’m intrigued.

  1. says

    Your photography is beautiful! I love the bokeh on your birdhouse photo! Just gorgeous. πŸ˜€

    I’m so jealous of you for having access to all those fresh blueberries! Did you plant them, or did they just happen to grow there on your property? (Sorry if that’s a silly question. =P)

    • says

      THANK YOU :) I’m having fun learning more about what my camera can do, and taking fun photos… the blueberry bushes were here before we moved to this house – I have no idea how long it takes to see blueberries? these bushes are big, like they’ve been there several years?

      no silly questions! :) they’re all good! thanks for visiting and leaving comments :)

    • says

      BLOOBS !! :) yes, I love it! the birds do too… πŸ˜‰ I should be putting up the flash tape, but the birds around here are brave or gutsy, the flash tape doesn’t scare / keep them away!

  2. d. herrick says

    The clusters of hangy downy pink flowers is something we call foxglove here in Missouri. (digitalis)Related to the snapdragon. Your yard is full of wonderful stuff!!

    • says

      thank you – I can never remember the name of the foxglove… I LOVE those! :)

      our yard is pretty fun. this latest Devils Tongue discovery is pretty neat!

      say hello to everyone, pet Max for me, hope to see y’all soon :) k

  3. says

    Gorgeous photos! I’m a nature fanatic lately and it’s so fun to have your camera b/c it slows you down and allows you to really take it all in. :) And I love Basil.

    • says

      Isn’t Basil the cutest? …when you meet him in person you will love him even more. He is The Sweetest Doggie. I’m not being biased :)

      I’m still learning my complicated fun camera… I love nature and animal photos… animals are sometimes more challenging… I STILL want to get this huge crane that is sometimes ON our deck, in our yard, in the river…

      …is it weird to say I thought of you when I was posting these photos, because I had a feeling you’d like them? I guess you were one of my audience last night :)

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