voodoo lily !

by Kristina Sloggett

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Jason, Basil and I went for a walk around the property this afternoon.

sniffin' sniffin'


It was beautiful today, and I wanted to check the progress of our blueberry bushes.

They look like grape bunches:

There are SO many this year! :)

So exciting! I love watching food grow in our yard!!

Here I was waiting patiently (heh.) for summer in our unseasonably cold May…  now? Summer is Most Definitely here, and we have tropical plants in our yard!

This amazingness is commonly called a Devil’s Tongue (our neighbor up the road is a Master Gardener, she told me!), but I like the name VooDoo Lily better. This photo of it reminds me of the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland:

Jason calls it our Little Shop of Horrors plant…

I love it. It stinks, though.

We wandered around and I took photos:

Can you spot the bird house?

I love these blue flowers and little pods – anyone know what they are?

We live next to a golf club. Thankfully folx don’t park their carts in our yard, though.

Little puffy clouds … brilliant blue sky!

Basil spotted another four legged friend up the street.

…and this? our doorbell !

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope the weekend was wonderful!

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