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One of the basic topics learned while completing skin care certification is the importance of exfoliation. We learned the process (and practiced on each other – my favorite part!) of what estheticians call mechanical exfoliation – manually scrubbing the skin with abrasive product.

Exfoliation removes the skins outer layer, leaving the glow of  the newer skin underneath. Exfoliation unclogs pores, deep cleans, and helps to reduce breakouts. It smoothes skin, leaving a fresh, bright appearance. Exfoliated skin is incredibly soft and even in tone. For men, exfoliation prior to shaving minimizes ingrown hair.

My favorite products to test are exfoliators – I love the feel of a good grainy scrub that works! I also love products that offer a natural alternative to the microdermabrasion machine – a microderm applied manually.

When I make my skin care scrubs and lotions, I approach it the same as cooking. I write a recipe.

I follow that recipe.

I change the recipe and try again. I test the outcome, again and again.

Eventually, we have something yummy.

This is my latest, a passionfruit whipped scrub. Delicious. Scrubby.

Most likely my favorite spa product, the scrub. Exfoliation feels great. It is a great part of a pedicure. It is one of my favorite spa services in general – from dry brush prior to massage – to a body scrub treatment. I don’t recommend daily exfoliation, but my rule is three to five times a week, two times a week for more sensitive skin, and less frequent and less abrasive for the face.

…and while I get fancier with some fruit extract and ingredients I find through my spa wholesaler, it really is as easy as mixing some salt or sugar with a bit of oil or lemon juice and you too can scrub!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I leave you with this, because it is hilariously funny:


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    Hahahaha – that video is hilarious. Love it. I love that you make your own scrubs and lotions, etc. Maybe you can start your own line one day!

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