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Good morning, Sunshines!

one for me, one for me!

This morning, First Breakfast was quick. It was one of my favorite flavor blends, though, so it was anything but boring. My favorite vanilla protein powder (tastes like frosting!) paired with mandarin orange energy powder:

Mmm, it’s an orange creamsicle. Super cold – it is refreshing and filling, plus extra energy!

I’ve been blogging for one month and one day. In 27 posts, I have yet to talk about a favorite subject, skincare. I am a product junkie, I have been for years. The spa industry did not do this to me, but it certainly made a bigger monster AND afforded me many many product trials. It is one of my favorite perks, close second to massage and pedicures while working.

While in esthetics school, my favorite section was facials and body treatments. I love a good body scrub or wrap. The products at school were… decent. Meh. So. I made my own. :) There are great products out there, and in time I will talk about some of my favorites: Motion Medica, Pevonia, Product and terra firmamineral cosmetics. As far as masks, Astara is my All Time Favorite!!

Today? I want to talk about how you can make some!

Now I make my own scrub all the time – sugar scrub, salt scrub, coffee… the possibilities and skin benefits are many.

The sugars I use include plain white, coarse brown, or a blend of both. The salts I use include Epsom and sea.

My basic recipe is:

2 parts sugar or salt
*1 part oil – I use olive, mineral, apricot or coconut
essential oil (optional

*I like my scrub in a dry consistency; I’ve made scrubs for others who wanted more smooth consistency, and used more oil. And actually, I don’t even really measure anymore, I would suggest adding oil until it gets to the consistency you want. :)

*Also, sometimes I use Dr. Bronner’s in place of oil!

Now the fun part: adding essential oil for fragrance and aromatherapy benefits:

Grapefruit is antiseptic, mood lifting.
Peppermint = stimulating, energizing.
Lavender, chamomile and rosemary all help with headache.
Jasmine + geranium = calming, relaxing.
Tea tree + bergamot are good for blemished skin.
Eucalyptus + spearmint = soothing, relaxing.
Basil, of course. It smells fabulous.

The flavor I’m working on right now is a passionfruit sea salt scrub made with squalane oil. The first one I made smells amazing. I think it will be a perfect summer scent.

It always smells so good in the kitchen when I’m making scrubs. :) I mix with my hands, so I smell good too. :)

I am spending the day in the garden, finally planting!! Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. says

    Love this post – I’m interested in skincare but don’t know much besides some unpronounceable meds from the dermatologist. I enjoyed reading about the specifics of each scent. I’ll tell you – Bikram for a week has my skin glowing. :)

    • says

      thank you!

      I’ve always been fascinated by skincare, and getting really into it has been interesting and fun. Aromatherapy is great, and really does have specific benefits. Pretty amazing.

      I bet Bikram has had you glowing… :) I really wish I could get into it… I think I said on your blog recently that I love it for the poses + consistency, but the heat, oh the heat. I ‘m just a wimpy. :)

  2. says

    I think it is cool you make your own skin products. I need to hop on the train. I watched the documentary “America the Beautiful” and they showed how much chemicals are in skincare products I already use. So, hmm.

    • says

      It’s really easy… and yes, all the unnecessary crap is a big part of why I do it… plus it makes a fun gift :)

      I think I need to look for this documentary, it sounds like I’d enjoy it.

  3. says

    Love this post!! I love natural skin care, scrubs and lotions. When I have time I make my own as well!

    I am so glad I found your blog…we have a lot in common i can see :) Basil is the cutest! How old is he??


  4. Jenna says

    HAPPY 30-AND-A-DAY ! :) I love your blog, it’s the first one I read every day:

    you are witty, intelligent and fun. If I lived in your city I’d want to be your friend:)

    some days when I read I think of starting my own, but I am too chicken, and don’t know if I have enough to write about that is interesting (I seem to write a lot HERE, yes?)

    and I’d have to get a cute dog as a sidekick :)

    happy month! I hope you have many years!

  5. Caitlin says

    Your smoothie sounds really good; I am going to have to try that combo!

    I am also going to try this scrub recipe, thank you!

    Happy one-month :) I can say I’ve been enjoying your blog this whole time!!

  6. Jessy Licata says

    evening~ I was wondering.. how/where do you store your scrubs? how long will they last? I want to make some this week but wasn’t sure what to do with left overs~

    I love your blog! my husband and i have been discussing juicing and I think we are going to start soon =))

    thank you!


    • spabettie says

      hi Jessy! I have never had a problem with my scrubs going bad – but I try to make small batches and I use them quite regularly. My current scrub is a couple months old (rare that they last that long, but I made a larger batch than usual because I made for several people).

      I store my scrub in airtight jars, I have a plastic one with a screw top lid and I have a glass one with a rubber seal with the lid.

      Good luck with juicing – please let me know if you have questions or I can help in any way! 😀

  7. says

    My favorite sugar scrub was Origin’s Lavendar Vanilla – they discontinued it and I haven’t found ANYTHING I like better – therefore you have solved my problem – I’ll make my own! Plus salt scrubs just burn the hell out of me and that’s not relaxing!

    • spabettie says

      I like Origins products! bummer that the favorites always seem to get discontinued! I like to make my own so I know what’s going into it – and you can make anything you want! enjoy!

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