PEAR soft serve

by Kristina Sloggett

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Lunch today was the Spinach Bread I made yesterday, with Laughing Cow:

Frankly, I agree with Gina, I think there should be a Laughing Goat!

Then. I had dessert. I think I already admitted, I’m on a pear binge. I cannot stop:

That beautiful container of wonder is pear soft serve. Made similar banana soft serve: I diced pears into smaller pieces – froze – buzzed in the food processor. A little different consistency, more like a pear sorbet. It really needs some oompf to keep it frozen and make it creamy. To four frozen pears, I added one frozen banana. PERFECT! It still tastes like pear, but creamier consistency:

Big difference, you can see on the sides of the processor…

I added it to my oats this morning…

Seriously. So Good! I’ll make this again. I’m envisioning summertime. Gluten free waffle cone dipped in chocolate, filled with pear soft serve. I reserved a bit of the sorbet consistency and filled 2 popsicle molds. Oh, the pear possibilities are endless…

I caught someone napping today:


sleepy face

I’m off to read my cookbooks again. Have a great night!

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