for the love of spinach

I love books. If it’s a really good book, I can read it in a couple days. I start to miss it even before I am finished. One of my favorites recently is Water for Elephants. Really great reading. Sara Gruen’s other books are great too.

Leah is giving away a book on her fun blog Why Deprive. I have not read any books by this author, but I want to. :)

I have a few new cookbooks that I have been enjoying… (I like cookbooks for reading… does anyone else do that?). Today I made a couple things from this exciting new book:

It follows the ideas of a paleo diet, which mimics a hunter-gather or cavemen approach, eating foods our bodies are genetically meant to eat. There is a line in this book that says “No Pasta, No Bread, No Rice, No Beans, No Kidding”. It’s been a very interesting read! I’ve been receiving Mark Sisson’s “daily apple” emails for a while, and based on what I learned in those, I recently bought the book.

As an almost daily Green Monster fan, I was intrigued by a recipe called Spinach Bread. No flour or yeast. This?

fresh basil + pine nuts + garlic

Smells amaze. As does the finished product. I will be making this again:

spinach bread !

I realize the irony of Laughing Cow, but The Primal Blueprint includes dairy:

My food processor is getting a workout today. I made almond meal:

The other recipe I made from The Primal Blueprint? Crackers. Again, no flour / yeast. Again? Delicious:

This was fun – I have always wanted to make crackers. Pretty easy, too.

I made these !!

I’m still giddy over making crackers :)

These crackers are fabulous. Delicious. Based on the bread and crackers, I am excited to make more recipes from this book.

Yes. I also realize Early Man did not have tofu, so no Toby’s. Oh, Toby’s. I think I love you most of all

tastes like college !

Does everyone have access to Toby’s? It’s a tofu spread, and comes in a few flavors. Original tastes kinda like egg salad? It’s really hard to describe, but it is YUM. I love Toby’s. In college I lived on Toby’s + wasa crackers.

After such an exciting day, I’m ready for dinner! We’re going out to dinner then to a club to see a band. Good night all!  :)


  1. says

    Have a fab night out! Please feel free to post pictures of your going out attire…I like to live vicariously through people that are cool enough to go out on weeknights.

    So are you willing to share the green bread recipe with me? I do like spinach. And I do like bread. Do you think it would be good without the cheese? Because if so then yes, I’d love to take a peek-sky at the recipe. :)

    • says

      the muffins were made day before, from first post :)

      and the spinach bread & crackers… really easy and under 2 hours total, INCLUDING a break in the middle to clean up broken glass #bakingfail :)

  2. says

    Ahhh! I LOVE reading. I read Water For Elephants last summer and it is excellent. They are actually making the movie right now with Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon; I must say I am disappointed with the casting :-(

    • says

      meh. not who I’d have picked either. I will see it though!! :) have you read her other books, there are two more, and they go together. Water for Elephants is my favorite, but those are good too.

    • says

      that’s exactly why I had to make it, I love spinach (oh, maybe that’s not what you mean by a thing…?) :) and this is a GREAT new way to have it! :)

  3. says

    SO cool! I want to try both of these recipes…homemade crackers? Yes, please! I’ve never had Toby’s – I’ll have to see if they carry it at Dallas Whole Foods :)

    • says

      the crackers had mixed reviews (from my panel of three, two liked them!) :)

      I love them and will make again, now that I know I can!! (still giddy over that – hee!) I may try different herbs + flavors.

      I WILL DEFINITELY be making the Spinach Bread again. It Is Amazing!! Toby’s is great, I bet WF has it..

  4. Lynn says

    I almost always have to have some kind of sprouts on my Toby’s…mmmmmmmm it makes me feel like a hippy.

    Curious what band you went out to see!

  5. assistantdoc says

    I am addicted to eating Toby’s. The Original or Jalapeno. It doesn’t matter to me! Most of the time I buy the Lite version but either way it’s super yummo. The Spinach bread looks super amazing as do the crackers. Good stuff! I am impressed.

  6. Jenna says

    this all looks GREAT and impressive!! kudos to you, lady! I haven’t ever even conceived of MAKING CRACKERS!! 😉

    I want to come over and hang out in YOUR kitchen all day!

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