vanilla pear and I Love our Fed Ex Man

by Kristina Sloggett

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and our UPS man. and our mailman.

Today began with a new concoction: a vanilla pear smoothie.

vanilla protein + coconut milk + three small vitamixed pears. Mmm, delicious:

…I tried to get our river in the photo… it is FINALLY beautiful summer weather in Portland! It’s 7:45am and already so sunny and warm!

I also made some hot cereal, and read my new Lucky Mag:

I found this cereal online. It is really tasty and has unique flavors. My favorites are this one – the blueberries & creme, the chocolate creme and the butter pecan. Yum.

I love love love getting packages in the mail. Look what came in the mail yesterday:

Cookies from Jenna! I won Angela’s auction for Jenna’s vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. They taste fabulous! Nom nom nom… I immediately ate one (or two… three?) upon opening, then promptly hid them from myself so I could share with Jason. They really are spectacular:

Thank you Jenna! They are tasty! Yum! :)

So yes. Receiving packages. I love love love it, did you know? Something else came in the mail yesterday, that I completely spazzed out about:

Yes. Vegan marshmallows. My local vegan grocery (LOVE YOU GUYS!!) carries them in store, but I have not seen the s’mores lately, at least not the peanut butter ones, so I placed an online order. I chose marshmallows in two flavors, vanilla and strawberry. Mmm, strawberry.

I ordered a few peanut butter s’mores just for kicks. What is my plan for all those marshmallows, you ask?

bowl of pretty !

Well, dear reader, I made these:

Strawberry Crispy Treats. With dried strawberries. See what I did there?  :)

The dried strawberries. I cannot believe I did not think of this until now. They taste FANTASTIC! My kitchen smelled SO good while I was making these. They are so delicious.

…and now I leave you with the sweetest dog son (dachshund, ha!) photo…  taken yesterday while Basil was waiting for Jason to come home. He sits perched at the top of the couch, looking at our front door (door has a big window he can see Jason pull into the drive).

Sweetest Pet:

We are going back outside to enjoy this beautiful day – I hope y’all have a beautiful weekend!

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